1. TEACHER’s DAY CELEBRATION – We distributed sweaters and sweets to students of Iblur Primary School, Bangalore.

2. “WHY WASTE” – An introduction to “WHY WASTE” a campaign started by Garvita Gulhati, an environmentalist who has been recognised by UNESCO and FORBES as the youngest change maker to successfully create awareness and start a campaign of how to conserve our precious water resources. This event was attended by District Chairman Vinutha Harish, District Executive Committee Members, Club Presidents of District 319 and home club members.

3. Rs. One Lakh was donated towards treatment of 6 year old Drishti Sarkar suffering from Blood Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment at KIDWAI Oncology Government Hospital.

4.Our members volunteered their time at Eye Screening Camp, Kaikondahalli, Bangalore organized jointly by BARSHA and Rotary club of Bangalore Koramangala. Optometrist from Dristti Eye Hospital conducted the screening for 65 members, 4 members were diagnosed with cataract and 26 members with eye problems which require spectacles.