In order to promote digital education through digital tools, Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Orchards donated a projector to a rural school, at Tyamagondlu, outside Bangalore. Children come from many nearby villages, from families of poor farmers who cannot even afford a mobile phone for digital education. This is a huge setback for the school as children have gaps in their learning, especially due to COVID-19 lockdowns. These children lag behind their other counterparts. A Projector would be a great teaching aid as concepts could be understood better through multimedia presentation and other educational material on the internet.

The school welcomed the club members with a well-prepared inauguration program. They had even invited local prominent persons for the function. It was interesting to see that the girls were at the forefront, the crisp compering, singing, looking after us, it was girls all the way! The school was extremely grateful for enabling a ‘Smart Class’ in their school premises.