Visited Sri krishna Sevashrama Hospital at jayanagar on 18th August.
We met Shanti, 45 years old and has to take 2 -3 dialysis every week, for the rest of her life. Her kidneys were affected because of the constant intake of painkillers for her headache. Her husband is an auto driver and son is doing some mean jobs. This hospital runs by a trust and depends on donations so that they can treat patients. The donations they receive goes for buying the expensive machineries needed and to subsidise the treatment for the poor patients. They are running this hospital for over 60 years. Every month around 900 dialysis, happens here. The hospital is tidy and well organised. The people who work here understand the importance of their job and are working hard to save the lives of the weaker section of the society. In the research of mind body connection, they have found that when one’s constantly criticized, disappointed, lives in constant fear and anxiety, the kidneys would be affected. There would be so many other reasons, too.
Donated : ₹20000
Beneficiaries: many