MESSAGE FROM IIW President – Zenaida Y. Farcon

Another pandemic year has passed, and it is very pleasing to note that our Inner Wheel members in India have successfully fulfilled their mission to bring about change in the lives of those in need. Felicitations to the Pink First National Board led by its National President, SAROJ KATIYAR. You all have hurdled the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times by excellently showing our members how to act with vision, understanding,clarity, and agility. Notwithstanding the obstacles such as distance and, of course, the threat of the virus, you bravely went on missions to show those who are disadvantaged that woman like us care for them.

As we begin another season of selfless service to humanity, I wish all the best to the equally courageous National President SURJIT KAUR and the officers of the National Governing Body. No doubt that your team is determined to Work Wonders to inspire all Inner Wheel members to do what is necessary to respond to the needs of others. Your genuine concern for making a difference in people’s lives will be the strength that will carry you through these challenging times.

Cheers to all the Wonder Women of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs of India, and praying that we all remain Strong Women as we create a Stronger World.