Inner Wheel District 319 takes immense pride in presenting a joint project conducted by a few Inner Wheel Clubs of the district. This prestigious district is led by our young and dynamic District Chairman Mrs. Veena Niranajan. The veterinary device mentioned above is being donated to ‘Chaitra Goshaala’( Chaitra Cow Shelter Home) in Mandya, Karnataka – India. It is a joint initiative by five Inner Wheel Clubs of Inner Wheel District 319 – Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Blossoms, Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Banashankari, Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Vijayanagar, Inner Wheel Club of Mandya and Inner Wheel Club of Malavalli on 17th August 2021. The Chairman and the Presidents set out early in the morning to reach the Goshaala for the project. They also spent ample time with the volunteers, and watched the activities at the centre at close quarters. The 3rd Eye Veterinary PEMF device was donated to the Goshaala and an interactive session with the volunteer Mr. Ram Vyas took place.
The 3rd Eye Veterinary PEMF Device Donation done by Inner Wheel clubs is a wonderful gesture. The way they see it is when cows are having injuries, muscles pain and pregnancy pain , it soothes and helps in speedy recovery. This in turn gives comfort and the overall health improves. This has several individual benefits to the cows and aids in milk production, which helps younger calves. This is a cyclic chain for maintaining health and sustainability.
The PEMF Device is an indigenously developed electromagnetic device by PEPL Company, manufactured by 3RD EYE, that helps animals that require physiotherapy treatment get a drugless and painless treatment.Fodder the need of the hour was given by Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Banashankari and InnerWheel Club of Bangalore South
A 100 raincoat donation project was also conducted at the paddy field workers a joint project Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Blossoms,
Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South and Inner Wheel Club of Maddur
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