In order to celebrate National Senior Citizens day, the members of IWC Malavalli had been to a village HUSKUR. They donated blankets and mats to 20 old and poor people 6 handicapped and mentally challenged people also included. It is a very useful for them as it is a rainy season. This is one of their continuous project.
On the occassion of the reopening of schools, they had been to a Government High School in HUSKUR to welcome all the students after a long break. A traditional welcome was organised by the school teachers. They were very happy to see the enthusiasm of the students to come back to school.
The location of the school they visited was a remote area. As per International Social Project theme (2021 to2024) – Stronger Women, Stronger World, they donated dictionary, solar lamps and all kinds of stationary items including graph sheets, papers and work sheets for the whole year to 17 SSLC GIRL STUDENTS who are very talented and from economically background families.
10 Solar lamps were donated by Anita Pobatti from Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South. This is their continuous project.
They planted many fruit saplings which included butterfruit and mango in the surroundings of the same school.
They also donated clothes and sarees to the cooks of the same school. They distributed eatables and notebooks to the rest of the children of the same school.