02.10.21, Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration: A grand finale of 3 days of collective effort to beautify the Sri Vishweshwara Swamy High School premises!!
This activity of painting the 25’x6′ wall and Inner Wheel branding started with cleaning the wall and painting the rafters.The courtyard wall was painted with a theme befitting Gandhiji’s ideals and the principles of saving water, Environment and efficient disposal of solid waste after due segregation. The burning issue of covid prevention by measures like social distancing, masking and sanitizing was very effectively conveyed through wall painting.
Our Inner Wheel logo was painted as part of our branding activity.
On Gandhi Jayanthi day , District Chairman Veena Niranjan graced the occasion and addressed the school children, inspiring them to do well in their studies and come up in life and give back to the society.
Club member Sukanya, explained in detail the paintings on the wall and the children were engrossed in her talk and responded positively.
They also donated bins for waste segregation along with cob web stick broom and the students were urged to keep their premises neat and tidy. Light refreshments and fruits were distributed to everyone.