Special project for transgender community on health, nutrition status and entrepreneurship skill development was jointly executed by Inner wheel club of Bangalore HBR and GKVK at Gulbarga on 13th August 2022. Health and nutrition status of an individual reflects the overall wellbeing and happiness. Addressing the nutritional health-related aspects was the key focus of this project and addressed socio-economical issues, food intake, assessment of nutritional-anthropometric data (height, weight), blood pressure, haemoglobin estimation, hygiene sanitation practices were emphasised in the project. The project was inaugurated by lighting the lamp with saree distribution to all the transgenders. Skill development mainly tailoring, embroidery, saree falls design, beautician courses, food grains -based opportunity were introduced and assured for helping for marketing channel. As a part of the project Dr Poonam S Community Medicine, ESI Hospital Gulbarga addressed the gathering on health and hygiene practices and demonstration session on grooming and self-makeup skills initiated by the team of IWCB HBR. Around 300 transgenders attended the programme from different parts of Gulbarga districts. Food and transportation were taken care in the project.
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Paper details on 13th and 14th of August 2022
Special Awareness programme for Transgender community on nutrition, health, hygiene and sanitation Details
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