Heart- wrenching story of a one year old baby girl and the heart-warming response from members and friends of Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore, Vijayanagar. Rs.53,500 collected within 4 hours for the treatment of baby girl Dhanika!!
Dhanika, a 1 year old baby girl who accidentally suffered severe burns/scalds , was playing near her grandmother, a roadside vendor frying bonda/bajji .
She had been admitted to St. John’s Medical hospital and undergoing treatment. According to the doctors,child requires ICU stay for postoperative care and further management. Estimated cost for treatment is around 4 to 5 lakh rupees. Genuineness of the case was scrutinized by our EC member Lakshmi Srikeshava.
In keeping with IIW theme, PINK FIRST they felt happy that they could help the baby girl in her treatment and healing process to lead a normal life.