On 4th July, IWC Bangalore in association with Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital Malleswaram, inaugurated and conducted an eye camp in VSM High School, Rajajinagar, where children come from economically backward sections, for 159 High School students, 35 teachers and staff members and 40 Special childern of their Asha Deep Section under the banner Sunaina…an eye opener…
59 in all were prescribed to wear reading glasses and our member Dakshayini Suresh is sponsored them.
Our first 3 in 1 project for school students, teachers and for special children was successful and satisfying too.
Beneficiaries 234

1.Dakshayini Suresh 10,000/- for Specticals
2. Tasneem Jiruwala 200 packets buscuits for children.
3. Chandrika Thyagaraj 300 masks.