My dear friends in Inner Wheel,

Support – Stand – Care for each other in these tough times.

Inner Wheel is an organization to create friendship, service and understanding. A global network that strives to build a world where people unite and take action to create a lasting change.

We connect passionate people with diverse perspectives to exchange ideas, forge lifelong friendships, and, above all, work towards improvement in the lives of the needy. Service above Self is our principal motto which aims to bring together members in order to provide volunteer humanitarian services, maintain high ethical standards, and
help promote goodwill and peace in the world.

I am delighted to know that you are going to publish District’s Directory with details of all the executives leading the District and the clubs; I know the outcome of the directory will be nothing short of excellence.

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results”- and for that it is important to know each member in your core team who can deliver results, and this becomes super easy by having a good Directory by your side to reach them. A well-organized Directory is an excellent way to emphasize the benefits of membership, to keep in touch with each other and encourages member’s interaction and their participation with a calendar of upcoming events such as seminars, conferences, and social activities. Directories are a great way to highlight the club’s history including information on your past stalwarts and its vision for the future. It helps members to develop new friendships, communicate, exchange ideas, formulate teams to undertake projects to serve the society.

Today in the fast-growing virtual world, it is advisable to circulate a soft copy of the Directory also which can be more handy, easily accessible and less time consuming for everyone to keep a track on dates, events and schedule of all the activities. A mobile friendly directory enables each one of us to smoothly navigate and find all the essential information with just a click.

I wish to see increased visibility of your club’s activities online through your website and social media platforms. Together we shall connect the world.

Synergizing is the need of the hour.

Growing together is the fundamental of our fraternity.

Serving together is our core strength.

Keep the momentum high to constantly accomplish our goals!!

Looking forward to an exciting and meaningful year ahead with all of you.

Live – Love – Dream -@ Inner Wheel

Saroj Katiyar
President/National Representative 2021-22
Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India