District Chairman Padmini Nagachandra Message

Dear Friends,
Through this Website I would like to congratulate all of you for being members of this wonderful organisation and taking up responsibilities to improve and help Inner Wheel grow.
Inner Wheel goes beyond boundaries of Country, State, religion, caste and money. It is one unifying factor for all women who want to do Service and broaden their horizon of Friendship. Make full use of this Organisation by working for it and allowing it to work for you.
I very humbly take this post of the 41st District Chairman of this prestigious District and thank you all for the faith you have reposed in me to lead the District in this Golden Jubilee Year of International Inner Wheel.
The theme given by the International Inner Wheel President, Dr. Mrs. Kapila Gupta, this year is something everyone will love, ‘Leave a lasting Legacy’. This theme can be followed very diligently both in Service and Friendship. I would urge each and every one of you to understand the deeper meaning of this theme and try to follow it.
My theme this year is Music. All the events will have the name of a beautiful Raaga. Plato said ‘Music gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything’.
I have confidence in my efficient Executive Committee who, I am sure, will be with me and do a great job of honouring their commitments, duties and responsibilities.
The group of Presidents ‘Team Legacy’ and their teams are very enthusiastic, show a lot of promise and are raring to go. I am sure they will go beyond their capacity to ‘Leave a Lasting Legacy’. I have already started working with them and look forward to wonderful year of Service and Friendship.
As Andy Warhol said "The idea is not to live forever. It is to create something that will"
So, dear friends, go make a Difference and Leave a Lasting Legacy. I wish you all the best
In Friendship always
Padmini Nagachandra
District Chairman 2017-18

District Chairman Padmini Nagachandra Biodata

Padmini Nagachandra was born on 20th December in Tumkur to Dr. Rtn. Suresh Chandra and Smt. Vijayalakshmi. Her parents hailed from very well- known families in Bellary and Tumkur. Her father was a distinguished professor of physics at Mysore University and her mother a devoted housewife. Padmini grew up in the royal city of Mysore and studied at the CFTRI School. It was at this early stage in her life that she began a formal training in carnatic classical music and bharatnatyam dance, and she quickly found that she had a strong proclivity for performing arts. Honing her skills over the years, it wasn't long before she began giving performances on stage in both song and dance, winning several prizes at various competitions. She was active in all her sports activities at school, going on to win several medals in kho-kho at the district level. In her tenth standard exams, she was awarded a certificate of merit and a scholarship from the government of Karnataka, as well as a certificate of appreciation for scoring the highest in English.
Her PU education was at Mahajana's College, and she did her Bachelor's in science at Maharani's College. Padmini was an academically gifted student all her life, but that didn't stop her from being a part of innumerable cultural events and programmes. Her diversifications included avid participation in debates, essay competitions and spelling bees, winning prizes in all of them. Something many find intriguing about her is the fact that she used to model for several fashion brands as well as participating in fashion shows. Her father was extremely active in encouraging her and shaping who she is as an individual, while her mother supported her in her every endeavour.
At 19 years of age, she married Rtn. S. K. Nagachandra, a Chartered Accountant and businessman based in Bangalore. He has been a constant and unwavering bastion of strength and encouragement in her formative years as a professional. She completed her Master's degree in English Literature and went on to become a corporate trainer specialising in behavioural skills, public speaking and etiquette. She has trained executives at several multinational companies.
She's blessed with three accomplished sons, Abhay Bhargav, Amit Bhargav and Aneesh Bhargav. Abhay studied to become a CPA, but is now the CTO of we45 Solutions, an information security company. He's married to Anushika, a dentist-turned graphic designer. Amit is a lawyer by education, but is a successful actor in Tamil cinema and TV. He's married to Sriranjani, who works in TV, while also being a radio jockey. Aneesh is studying to be a lawyer. All her sons are accomplished in singing, theatre and writing.
Theatre and drama continue to be her hobbies, and she has a strong passion for travelling.
She joined the Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore in 2004 and has been an active member ever since. During her tenure as President in 2008, she did a fundraiser through a musical show and a coffee-table book. She built a classroom for a rural school, Vidya Vikasa Kendra, and furnished it with benches and desks. These were just 3 of the 75 projects she spearheaded as the President of her club. She hosted Kadamba, the massive cultural event, consisting of several competitions in various art forms. She contested and entered the District Executive Committee in the year 2012. She's assumed all the posts successfully and has played an integral role in district-level events through the years. She's attended the South Asia rally in Cochin, the Triennial in Hyderabad and the convention in Copenhagen as a voting delegate, among several other association events. She is the 41st district chairman of her district, and the 10th district chairman of her 50-year old club, Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore.
She's been extremely committed to every one of her posts in Inner Wheel, district-level or otherwise. She's extremely honoured and privileged to assume the position of District Chairman for the District 319, and is committed to bringing change to the condition of women in India and the globe, continuing the prodigious legacy of her predecessors and helping to make the world a place where women and men can live better and happier.