The Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore North hosted the International Peace Day Event of District 319 at KASSIA Udyog Bhawan
On 21st September, the event was celebrated with all grandeur.
His Holiness Parampujya Swamy Nithyasathanandaji Maharaj, the chief of Ramakrishna Math, Basavanagudi, Bangalore., was the Chief Guest.
– President of Inner Wheel Club Bangalore North Rajeshwari Mahashetti welcomed the gathering.
– District Chairman Vinutha Harish was Guest of Honour.
– The event was presided by President Rajeshwari Mahashetti in the guidance of Past District Chairman Amutha Suresh the convenor of the program.
Past District Chairman Amutha Suresh spoke about ‘Purpose of Meet’ which was followed by a minute of Silent Prayer where all participants lit light in Prayers of Peace in the world and respects to the Martyrs.
District Chairman Vinutha Harish spoke about Peace and told how we could contribute in keeping Peace in the country and the world.
Chief Guest, Parampujya Swami Nithyastanandaji Maharaj spoke about how mothers could contribute to Peace and how Peace could be attained internally and in our surrounding environment. He spoke in a very simple yet, most inspiring and lightning way which enriched our knowledge of peace.
In an apt way of celebrating Peace a sum of Rs.1,45,000 was donated to Vasantha Ratna Foundation inturn to distribute scholarships to 40 students who excelled in academics, social and emotional leadership. This is in memory of Martyrs name. Director Archana Chakravarthi received the beneficiary cheque on behalf of the Foundation. The amount donated was contributed from 24 Inner Wheel Clubs of District 319.
A dance commemorating ‘Peace’ was performed by Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore North. A day-long series of competitions like Quiz, Fancy dress, Mad Ads, Miniature flag collection and flower arrangements were conducted.