On 15th March, Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore hosted Abhigyan 2023 for all the clubs of District 319 .
Abhigyan is a literary fest with a whole variety of competitions, where one could hone their intellect and pit in their skills against the best .
Abhigyan was instituted b PDC Padmini Nagachandra during her tenure as District chairman. She was the Convener of the event. 225 participants from 28 clubs and host club participated.
Breakfast and lunch was organised. Lots of cash prizes were given away. An interesting panel discussion was arranged with empowered women from varied professional backgrounds,.like Sonu Venugopal comedian, Anuradha retired ISRO Director and Medha Dixit a professional dancer who’s talks were very interesting. The event sponsor Ankit Jain, an upcoming young man with a vision to convert all trash to cash explained the ways to dispose the plastic waste. Overall a beautiful day well spent. Lots of bonding, prizes and learning.