Dear Members of Inner Wheel District 319,
As the 44 District Chairman of Inner Wheel District 319, it gives me an immense pleasure to greet each one of you through this District Directory ‘Mythri’. I am thankful to everyone who has reposed faith in me and entrusted me with the responsibility of leading this prestigious District.
We cannot function well, until all the members are aware of the Aims, Objectives and Responsibilities of our organization. This Directory serves the purpose and helps us understand Inner Wheel better.
The IIW Theme given by International Inner Wheel President, Dr. Bina Vyas for the year 2020 -21 is
“Lead the change”, what a powerful theme! In line with the IIW Theme I would like to emphasize the following points:
In times of a global pandemic which has created a lot of uncertainty across all walks of life and all sects of the society, I urge all of you to come together, LEAD THE CHANGE and instill HOPE in the world around us. Let us do our part in helping one another to get back up from this unexpected circumstance.
Along with the multiple new activities and projects in line with the current theme, we must also focus on the 26 continuous projects /activities which have been going on for a long time.
This year we are looking forward for the 18 IIW rd th Convention which is going to be held from March 3 to 6 of March 2021 at Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre, Jaipur, India. Members from all over the world will meet in the presence of the IIW President Dr. Bina Vyas. Other International Inner Wheel dignitaries and various dignitaries from the Association meet here to express and exchange views and also to put forth their ideas.
It is a matter of pride that, Past Association President Shailja Bhat from our District 319 will be holding the post of Chief Stewardess during this event. Let's all make the most of this opportunity to make new ties and strengthen old ones across the Inner Wheel Community.
Time and again we have seen the difference that we have been able to bring to society when we have worked together as a team. To have an efficient and energetic group of people working towards the same goal is similar to having the work half done at the start. I am grateful to have an amazing District Executive Committee members and an enthusiastic group of Presidents this year and with Past District Chairmen being ever ready to guide us. Am sure we will be able to execute our duties well.
I take this opportunity to thank District Editor Rajani Gowda who has worked hard to bring out this issue of “Mythri”. I also would like to thank Past District Chairman Vinaya Joshi for her continued input which has been instrumental in helping us bring out this issue of the “Mythri”. My heartfelt gratitude to the members of Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South, my home club, for their 27 continued support throughout. Lastly, I would also like to acknowledge each one of you, who have helped in this Inner wheel Journey of mine.
As the saying by Buddha goes 'One moment can change a day, One day can change a life and One life can change the world', let us rise, LEAD THE CHANGE in the society and brighten life with the spark of HOPE.
Wishing you all, a very successful and enjoyable year. Let us all join hands to help the ones in need and work towards making this a better place for the future.
Yours in Inner Wheel,

Suma Prafulla
District Chairman 2020-21
District 319