My Dear Inner Wheel Friends,

Congratulations and Greetings to Team 2020-21 on taking up the mantle of leadership.
Though community service is the core of Inner Wheel, proper administrative work is needed to make our organization strong. Here District Directory plays a valuable role, not only for promoting friendship; but for efficient communication in the functioning of various programs in District and beyond. District Directory also covers objective, aims, goals, responsibilities and duties. This helps to acquaint members with much needed information.
I know that considerable amount of efforts go in to compiling District Directory and I appreciate District Editor for the efforts she has put in.
Year 2020-21 is a special year for Inner Clubs of India as for the first time India will be hosting IIW Convention on 3rd- 6th March 2021 in Jaipur and IIW President Dr. Bina Vyas is also from our country. Register in large numbers. Let us put our best foot forward to show our strength and credibility to Inner Wheel world.
We are changing the lives of many seen and unseen by our grass root level social activities. I really wish that more and more people recognize the value of our organization for our service to community. For that we need to make our work more visible by proper branding and by increasing our membership strength.
Let us begin the New Year by celebrating past achievements and by preparing for new advents for the coming year. Open the doors to new possibilities. Make best use of opportunities you come across and take your District to new heights.
Let us rise to every situation and offer helping hand.
Let us keep caring for people and environment around.
Vasudhaa Chandrachud
President/National Representative 2020-21
Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India